Hello, internet! I’ve got a blog!

This is Allison Epstein, currently a contributor for the body-positive, female-empowering website adiosbarbie.com. Which you should all check out, because it is awesome. I’ll be cross-posting my own work from that site onto here, because I may as well, I wrote it. But the buck doesn’t stop there.

As often as I can, I’ll be writing about what I see in the world today that’s making it more difficult than ever for women to love their bodies and themselves. These things are everywhere, whether or not we want to admit we see them.

Maybe my eyes are more attuned to these things: I’m in my fifth year of having-slash-recovering-from anorexia, so I tend to find myself attracted to body-negative cultural norms like those moths that plaster themselves to your screen doors in the summer. TV commercials, tabloids, the diet industry, clothing styles, fashion, music videos, offhand comments and social stigma… I could go on and on.

I’m also hoping to be a resource for those of us who, like me, still struggle with the thoughts and emotions that come with recovering from an eating disorder of any kind. This is in no way meant to substitute for real-time, professional support. That said, there are few things more lonely than thinking you’re the only one going through these kinds of problems with your body and yourself.

You’re not. We’re in this together.

The goal here is change through awareness. If we pretend like women’s bodies are not under fire today, what are we ever going to do to change it other than sit on our hands and whistle? I’m not opposed to whistling, but now is not the time. Now is the time for action. We can whistle while we work.

Join me in speaking out. See something you’d like me to talk about? Leave it in the comments. Talk to me on Twitter. Just don’t stay silent, because silence helps no one.

Peace and love, and specifically body peace and body love,



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