Time Flies When You’re Blogging!

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The other day, a little orange trophy appeared on the right-hand corner of my WordPress dashboard. “Hmm,” I thought, “that’s odd. Are they giving me some kind of award for participation? Like, ‘hey, good for you! You logged on this morning! Here’s a hi-five and a pony!'”

That would be nice, by the way. I think WordPress should look into that.

But, as you won’t be surprised to learn, that was not the case. My dashboard decided to congratulate me on my one-year anniversary of blogging.


Let me tell you, it doesn’t feel like a year. It feels both like two weeks and a decade.

Looking back at some of the first posts that I have on this blog, I realize how far I’ve come in a year. Just comparing my very first post with the very last one I’ve written before this really says something about how much progress I’ve made.

From that first post:

How do I maintain this new healthy weight? I think I’ve forgotten how to “maintain” like a normal person. The problem that I’m wrestling with at the moment is differentiating between the healthy weight I’m comfortable with and my body’s apparent “set point.”

And from the last post:

My belly is full, my body is warm, I just ate about twelve pieces of Hanukkah gelt, and all in all? Feeling pretty awesome.

Two very different tones. Two very different ways of looking at the very same issue. And they’re both me, which is freaking crazy.

Thank you so freaking much to everybody who has joined me on this journey in any way. Whether that’s just reading and finding something in my ramblings that spoke to you, or commenting and sharing your own stories, or challenging me to think about things in a different way. I appreciate each and every one of you who call up this blog on your screens, however often you do or don’t do it. I’ve met some fabulous people through the comments here, and I hope that will continue on into year two.

So, going forward:

In the future, I would love to take suggestions from readers about things that I might discuss on this blog. I always have things that I can rant about or consider, though sometimes I have more than others. But what are you interested in? What do you think would be helpful to talk about? This isn’t me shooting words out into a void, this has the potential to be a conversation. I would love it if it was.

I’m always available by email (there’s a handy-dandy “contact” heading at the top of this page, which should be self-explanatory) if you’d like to give me suggestions. Otherwise, there’s the ever-wonderful comments section below. Hit me up. I’d love to think about something other than my fifteen-page French paper about parental revolt and existentialism in the canon of Jean-Paul Sartre. (Please, someone who’d like to write this paper for me, you may also say so in the comments.)

It’s been a journey, friends, and I’m glad you’ve been there with me. Here’s to the one-year anniversary of this blog, and moving on into the future!

*clinks invisible glass*


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