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Here Because of a School Project?

That’s great! I receive occasional requests from students looking for help on school assignments: discussion questions, phone interviews, what have you. Generally, I’m happy to help with these, schedules permitting.  (One of the consequences of having adult responsibilities like bills is that my free time is not always so free.)

That said, if you’re contacting me for homework help, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

  1. Tell me what exactly you need. Five questions, three sentences each? A 20-minute phone call? Specificity is the soul of narrative.
  2. If possible, give me a time estimate. It’s fine if you don’t know how long what you’re asking me for will take, but if you do, it’ll help me make sure I actually have time to help you.
  3. Tell me your deadline. And please, make sure that deadline isn’t tomorrow! 5 times out of 7, I will be at work all day tomorrow.
  4. Don’t send your project over until I’ve said yes. Before emailing me a page of interview questions or the guest post you’d like me to comment on, follow steps 1–3, and then wait until you hear back from me before you attach your file. I’m generally quite responsive over email and aim to respond within 48 hours. But getting an unexpected document with six pages of questions feels jarring—and a little presumptuous. After all, it’s your homework, not mine 🙂

These four steps are general best practices when approaching strangers on the internet for help — and they will make me much more likely to say yes with enthusiasm, instead of resentment. (Which is just a good deal all around, right?)

What do you think?

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